Hectors (Wauwatosa, WI)

May 11, 2007

Short Reveiw: Little atmosphere, bad margaritas, unimpressive food. Won’t be returning.

Hectors came highly reccomended on the OnMilwaukee website. Hectors has a website with a full menu listed. The menu looks very impressive, with many vegetarian options.

We went on a Friday night and were seated immediately.
The place has little atmosphere and ambience. It is mostly a bar with room to eat in.
The menu was as advertised, unfortunately the food didn’t live up to the hype.

W ordered the combo plate #3. A chicken chimichanga, a chicken enchilada, and a shredded beef tostada. The portions were large and came with the stereotypical beans, rice, lettuce, and tomato pieces. Everything was good, but nothing was great.

She also ordered a strawberry margarita (the other reason we went there.) W prefers her Margaritas with sugar on the rim instead of salt. It cuts the bitterness of the alcohol. Unfortunately, she was informed that they don’t sugar the rims at Hectors. With regret, she ordered it anyway. Tragically, the margarita was exceptionally bitter, moreso than usual. It remained in the glass.

H, always the adventurous one, ordered the eggplant and roasted almond enchilada. (Admittedly, H and W both thought this was an odd combo.) It came promptly, piping-hot. The first bite was… interesting. The second bite was… unpleasant. The eggplant had been cooked down to a mushy consistency. The slivered almonds were throughout the mixture and very crunchy. In combination, they were jarring. Worse, the combination of the two with the mexican spices was almost unpalatable. H didn’t eat a third bite.

The waitress was reasonably nice about it. She offered a different entree. H ordered the chicken mole (he has a weakness for mole– but he is a little, well you know, fussy.) Again, the dish arrived promptly. Again, it wasn’t very good. H doesn’t like bitter mole sauces– and this was quite bitter. Again, no more than two bites were consumed.

This time the waitress was less than pleased, though still gracious.

It was not a good dining experience.
And worse, when we returned home, we smelled of smoke.